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Welcome to BetterLap!

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BetterLap is a site designed for motorsports enthusiasts to store, share, compare and analyze recorded data logs. BetterLap currently supports several commercially available data loggers such as GTechPro, Traqmate, AIM, Harry's Lap Timer and Trackmaster with the goal of compatibility with a wide range of hardware. BetterLap is currently in a public beta test stage. Anyone is welcome to create a free account and try it out, so why not Register?

Don't want to register right now? No problem, account is not required to browse the website. To get started simply select a shared log or an event. Having issues using the site? Your feedback is welcome! Send an email to webmaster@betterlap.com

If you already have an account, you may to upload and share your own data.

Beta BetterLap Logger apps are now available for Android and iOS.

This website and the technology within are protected by US Patents No. 8,768,604 and 9,092,983.

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